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Whether your company is seeking a la carte, long-term or temporary, project-based coding services, our coding experts are the best in the business and here to help.

We Offer:

  • ICD 10 Validation and Reviews:  Our coders are extremely systematic in ICD-10 by passing efficiency tests and upholding AHIMA requirements. We also serve other professionals by providing useful information to better their understanding and implementation of ICD-10.
  • Simple Visit Coding (SVC): We are fully acquainted with the most effective use of level-one evaluation and management (E/M) office visit codes, which eliminates error and accelerates reimbursement.
  • Implementation of Modifiers:  Modifiers are a pivotal part to properly identifying procedures that have been altered. Our primary focus is on modifiers 25, 59, 51, 91, 25,76,GY,GZ,XE, etc.
  • Validation of Outpatient Services (CPT©/HCPCS and ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CM Diagnosis)
  • Physician and Facility E/M
  • Final Review of all Medical Documentation and Records to Ensure Accuracy

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